Wow It's a cow!

Wow, It's A Cow! - Trudy Harris, Paige Keiser, Jay Harris

By Trudy & Jay Harris

Illustrated by Paige Keiser


How do you know the animal you are seeing in the farm is actually the cow? 

In each page of this beautiful picture book you'll find a rhyming description of an animal you mustn't mistake with a cow. A picture on the tab shows the cow acting like that animal, but when you flip the tab you can see the true animal. The kids love to shout the animal's name at the same time they discover it under the tab. Thankfully the cow is finally found at the end of the book where cows usually are, doing what cows usually do. Everything seems to be back to normal then!

The book is really interactive. Some of the rhymes feel a little forced to me, but in the overall it's a funny text, and some pictures are hilarious. Can you imagine a cow swimming belly up, or sitting in a branch?