A fine dessert

A Fine Dessert - Emily Jenkins

Four centuries,

four families,

one delicious treat

by Emily Jenkins

illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Age range: 4 to 8 years old


Along the story the same delicious dessert, Blackberry Fool, is prepared by four different families in four different historical moments. Starting in England more than three hundred years ago and ending in California in present times, the reader can see how things changed and developed. Not only the way the characters get the ingredients, the tools they used in the preparation and the types of refrigeration available at each moment are clearly shown, but also the familiar and social differences, as well as buildings, environment, clothes, furniture, etc. The only thing that remains unchanged is the delicious flavor of this old dessert. I bet you will want to lick the bowl too!


Historical fictions stories are not very common for this age range, so I'm really glad I found this book. The story is interesting, the text is easy to understand and engaging, the illustrations are fine and beautiful. A precious story to read and reread.