The fox who ate books

The Fox Who Ate Books - Franziska Biermann

Fox loves to eat books. He actually sprinkles them with salt and pepper. When he runs out of books, he starts eating books from the library and he ends in jail for doing that. He doesn't have access to books in jail, since this is part of his punishment, so he is starving. Fox is in such need of a book, that he writes one in order to eat it later. Thankfully a guard, with great vision for publishing, copies the book before the fox eats it, and the book turns to be a best seller, translated to 17 languages, and made into a movie.


The story is funny, and fox is adorable. The illustrations are also wonderful. That said I found the book too long for a pictures book. Fifty six pages is nearly the double of an average picture book, and I wonder if kids would keep their attention on the story for so long.

There was one thing I totally dislike in the book, and it is that at the end Fox is "quietly released from prison, and his criminal record swept under the carpet" because he is now a millionaire author. No way this is a message I want to pass to my kids! I would have rated this book with 4 stars if the resolution were different.


I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.