Almost a full moon

Almost a Full Moon - Hawksley Workman, Jensine Eckwall

by Hawksley Workman

illustrated by Jensine Eckwall

age range: 3 years old and up

Tundra Books - Penguin Random House Canada


It's a cold and wintry night. The almost full moon reflects in the snow making everything bright. A boy and his grandma are preparing soup in their cabin to fight the cold. There are sticks to pick, a fire to light, and vegetables to cut. Lots of soup are needed, since it is going to be shared with all the people they know, and all they don't.


This picture book is based on the lyrics of a Workman's song "Almost a Full Moon" from his holiday album with the same name. The rhymed text reads fluid and effortless, and the illustrations are delicate and cozy. Beautiful bedtime story.


I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.